The MerKaBa

The MerKaBa – Radiant light field of our inter-dimensional being

New dimensions in MerKaBa activation!

The MerKaBa, a vibrating light field that surrounds our body, is the home of our true self.

Today, in this time of transformation, our stream of consciousness seeks to extend into new dimensions. The MerKaBa is becoming increasingly important – it is the field of our expanding consciousness.
As we evolve, step by step, the MerKaBa opens up more of its inherent potential

These spheres have now been prepared.
Master activation of the MerKaBa has become possible!

Until now, only a few individuals have been aware that additional MerKaBa centers exists along
with the general MerKaBa field. These complex MerKaBa fields, at the height of the heart chakra and
the pineal gland / the third eye, are rooted in the general MerKaBa field, but – when consciously activated – they extend far beyond it.

From the very start, my MerKaBa seminars have been carried by my active connection with all three MerKaBa centers. Now, direct activation of these additional MerKaBa centers has become possible!

When all three main centers of the MerKaBa are completely activated, unimagined spaces open up where we can realize our visions and connect with the stream of creative forces within us.

Our memory of the MerKaBa energy field, lost for a long time, is now in the process of awakening fully.
In the distant past, when our biological ancestors received the seeds of divine consciousness, they also received the knowledge that they were co-creators, not only created beings.
Intuitively, they understood that the gift of the MerKaBa also gave them ability to co-create.

Today we are deeply touched, realizing that our co-creative ability is limitless. We are on the right path to uniting our human and divine selves.

This the cosmic dance of the MerKaBa!

Spiralgalaxy M81, NASA


The complete potential of the MerKaBa can be opened up through a sequence of four seminars.
MerKaBa seminars 1 to 4:

  • MerKaBa seminar 1: In this foundation seminar, we experience the reactivation of the MerKaBa field.Participation in MerKaBa seminar 1 is the prerequisite for all of the other MerKaBa seminars.
  • MerKaBa seminar 2: We learn how to use the MerKaBa’s potential at the various levels of co-creation.
  • MerKaBa trilogy seminar - Master activation
    of our additional MerKaBa centers the heart and third eye:

    This seminar is open to anyone who has completed MerKaBa seminar 1. It can be attended in any seminar sequence.
  • MerKaBa seminar 4: We learn how to communicate with our inter-dimensional DNA in a playful, living way.


Today, initiation into MerKaBa reactivation can be imparted
in a playful, intuitive-feminine way!

A gift of awakening consciousness,
my seminars teach an easy, intuitive-feminine method for reactivating the MerKaBa.
This method is carried by the level of consciousness represented by Kryon and conveyed by Lee Carroll.

Recently, Kryon has spoken about the MerKaBa with remarkable frequency. He points to the MerKaBa as the field where our Higher Self, all the layers of our Akashic Record, and the twelve inter-dimensional vibratory fields of our DNA are located. My mission is to show how, with an activated MerKaBa, we can gain perceptible, and thus useful, access to all of these levels.

This wanted to be revealed, because our Earth needs us –
for ascension into a new state of consciousness, together with us.


MerKaBa seminar 1 | MerKaBa seminar 2 | MerKaBa trilogy seminar | MerKaBa seminar 4